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Community Events 

Here at Aqua Loo Toilet Hire we have worked with numerous businesses and community's to ensure their event runs smoothly. 


Large Community Events 

Large community events often attract a large number of people, and there may not be enough nearby restrooms to accommodate everyone. Aqua Loo Toilet Hire provide a convenient and accessible option for attendees, which can help reduce wait times. Having portable toilets at large community events is important for maintaining hygiene for all attending. 

Sporting/Activities Events

Hosting a sporting/activities event? In need of pristine standard, disabled or collapsible toilets? Our team will deliver before the event or on the day, and help prepare everything so your event can run smoothly. We have previously worked with hundreds of companies, helping host various events across Essex. Wherever you need them positioned, our friendly team are more than happy to help. 

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